K.D. Price did her first NaNoWriMo last year and shares her experience. Find out what she learned and how you can join in the fun of participating in the 19th Annual National Novel Writing Month.

Click image to go K.D. Price's website

Click image to go K.D. Price's website

Go to their website for details...

Go to their website for details...

Doug Abrams and his co-authors. Wow! Now that is real joy...

Doug Abrams and his co-authors. Wow! Now that is real joy...

I think we should all make it a new tradition to give this book to all the people in our life for Thanksgiving Day. It is the perfect book to read on the day that we can be grateful for all that we have -- and for all that we can do to bring peace to this world.

Buy it today -- just click on the Buy on Amazon button.

Looking for a great agent? Regina Brooks is an award winning and brilliant agent. Go to her website to check out her 8th Annual YA Discovery Contest. NO QUERY? NO PITCH? NO PROBLEM! All you need to do is submit 250 words of your novel.


JOP-IMAGE-Brook-Regina and Agency.jpg

Regina Brooks

President & Founder - Serendipity Literary Agency

Claiborne Hancock, the founder of Pegasus Books and Jessica Case, the Deputy Publisher joined me for a great interview.  You can have fun listening to them and then go to their website and scroll through their impressive client list...

This author made me cry! When I saw Sanya Richards-Ross win the Gold Medal for the 400 metres in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, tears were running down my cheeks.  Run with Me: The Story of an Olympic Champion, her new book is inspiring. A perfect gift for ever kid in your life -- and for you! Sanya writes with great warmth and love about her family and her husband, Aaron Ross. It was an honor to have her as a guest on Joy on Paper.

           Chris Kullstroem

           Chris Kullstroem

Chris Kullstroem has turned her passion for the 'scare' scene into a fascinating book that explores the darker side. She traveled to eleven countries to learn about the way different cultures approach the fear factor. From Japan, where she got to dress up as an Oni, to Germany, where she followed in the footsteps of Faust, she has had an amazing adventure. Her book is a fun read.

Click here to visit her website, which is appropriately named,

Believe in Caterpillars

It is always fun for me to talk to new authors -- so it was JOY to have Lynn Silvernail and her illustrator, Kham Loraamm, join me in the studio to talk about their first book: THE ADVENTURES OF JULIAN AND SQUARK:  Egypt

It was serendipity that the two of them got together and they make a great team. Kham, who has never done any illustration work before, jumped into the project and brought Lynn's story to life. Some things are just meant to be! This is the first book in what I know will be a great series. 

It was a real treat to talk to Jazz Anders.  He is just nine years old and is an amazing book reviewer. I am so impressed with his recommendations. He plans to be an astrophysicist when he grows up. Check out his Snazzy Reads on YouTube.

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What people are saying about PatZi (with a Z!) and her syndicated radio program: Joy on Paper.


Now on 47 radio stations around the country.

If you’ve never heard of ‘Joy on Paper’ then allow me to be the bearer of glad tidings. This show, which goes out live on the air in addition to being podcast, is part of the Tampa area’s Tan Talk radio network. WTAN-1340 is what you’re looking for if you want to tune-in. The host is Patzi Gil, referred to on-air as ‘Patzi with a Z,’ and she wants to give a platform to authors like you.
— Neal F. Litherland, known as “The Literary Mercenary.”
I was on ‘Joy on Paper,’ Patzi Gil’s marvelous radio program, along with Justin Scott, Jonathan Santlofer, and Warren Moore.
— Lawrence Block, MWA Grand Master/author of “In Sunlight or in Shadow.”
I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest on Patzi Gil’s ‘Joy on Paper’ radio show.”
— Chuck Grossart, author of “The Gemini Effect.”
Thanks, Patzi Gil, for the radio interview about my narration of ‘A Gentleman In Moscow’.”—Nicholas Guy Smith, British voiceover artist.
— Nicholas Guy Smith, British voice-over artist.
Well, that was so much fun. Thank you for this opportunity. You have the very best voice with perfect diction. You made me feel as if I had known you for years.
— Rikki Klieman, author Fairy Tales Can Come True
I highly recommend Patzi Gil’s radio program, ‘Joy on Paper.’ Her interviews are incredibly worthwhile to listen to—and to think about—because they are not only entertaining and informative, but also provide unique insight into the values and motivation of our favorite authors.
— Robert K. Tanenbaum, author of “Infamy.”
Patzi Gil runs a radio show on WTAN (AM 1340) out of Clearwater, Florida, in which she interviews authors and others in the writing industry. She knows how to keep people focused and ask good questions, filling up the time and keeping things interesting.
— Daniel Noe, author of “The Spider, The Witch, and the Spaceship.”
Thank you Patzi of ‘Joy on Paper Radio.’ Your show is inspiring!!!
— Sara Imm, author "How I Survived the Killing Fields."
I had a radio interview with Patzi Gil, which was really fun. We talked about my writing, my YouTube channel, and all of my 5SOS encounters.—Ashley Royer, author of “Remember to Forget.”
— Ashley Royer, author of “Remember to Forget.”

Have a comment about Joy on Paper? Do you have a book that changed your life? Do you have a favorite author you want me to invite? Are you an author and want to be a guest? Just use the form below to send me a message. 

Mark Laporta is a very compelling author. There is great depth to his writing and I so enjoyed talking to him about his sci-fi trilogy, The Changing Hearts of Ixdahan Daherek. Book 3 is Mirror at the Heart of Time and it is a great character driven story.

Perfect summer time read for the teens in your life. Give them this book and they will stop texting for at least a day...

Courtney Maum
Fascinating story of a trend forecaster. I forecast a best seller!

Jessica Strawser is absolutely delightful. Her debut book is suspenseful and a real treat. 

Peg Herring

Not many books keep me up until 3 a.m. in the morning -- but I couldn't stop reading this book. I love how Peg Herring does a slow reveal with multi-layers. It sets this book apart. Twists and turns keeps you turning the pages. 

The bonus for me is that Peg is from Michigan and she has been to my home town: Baraga.

She also has a great appreciation for the wit and intelligence of Yoopers -- so she's high up there on my list of new favorite authors. 


For all you listeners in Tampa Bay Area, the WonderLand books are set in St. Pete's Beach...

When you live in a motel,” I told my audience, “you never know when your neighbors might be fiendish jewel thieves…
— From WonderLand-Beach Party

Chris Grabenstein

Wow! It was fun to talk to Chris. He so funny. His books are great for all the kids in your life -- and for the kid in you. Smart and clever writing.

Chuck Grossart

His new book, The Argus Deceit, is an intriguing.  Once you read the prologue you won't be able it down.

I also recommend  The Phoenix Descent with his strong female character, Caitlyn Wagner, a pilot with the call sign Sif, who recounts a disastrous Mission to Mars and back to Earth...

Go to Chuck's website...

Go to Chuck's website...

Margaret George

It was so much fun to talk to Margaret again. Her new book about Nero is another in her line of great historical fiction. In this interview we talk about her research and why there is a tortoise in her book. Did you know Margaret has written a great kid's book? It's a perfect gift...

(Interview will be up in a few days...)

Eric Elfman - Author & Writing Coach

Looking for a great writing coach? Eric is well known for his participation in Andrea Brown's Big Sur Writing Workshop. The Accelerati Trilogy, a YA series that he wrote with Neal Shusterman is a great read. I love the opening chapter of Hawking's Hallway.

Check out Eric's website for details.


Margaret Maron - Mystery Writer of America Grand Master

Start the series...

Start the series...



The Bootlegger's Daughter is the first in the Deborah Knott mystery series. Following the heartwarming conclusion of this series a few months ago, she has moved on to her second series featuring NYPD detective Sigrid Harald in Take Out, which will be released in June.  Click for her website.


Alex George - Setting Free the Kites

Click to buy Setting Free the Kites

Click to buy Setting Free the Kites

What a fascinating writer -- a British solicitor who picks up and moves to Missouri. I really enjoyed talking to him.

Bonnie Paull - Lincoln's Neighborhood

Click here to go to Bonnie's webpage

Click here to go to Bonnie's webpage

Bonnie is so much fun! Lincoln's Neighborhood is a treasure trove for everyone interested in history.

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