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Here are some of my favorite interviews...

Laurence O'Bryan...

One of my favorite interviews! Larry is such a good writer and he enjoys promoting indie authors. So for a really great experience head for the Dublin Writers' Conference June 23-25, 2017. 
Joy in Paper will give you $100 for your registration PLUS $100 for the pub...  

Check out this great conference--Dublin is lovely!

Check out this great conference--Dublin is lovely!

Meet Larry for a pint...

Contact me if you would like to put your books at Miami Avenue Book Nook in Indian Rocks Beach. The owner, Bev Malley, has generously given us a spot in her beautiful store to feature local authors. 

It is the perfect place for a 'book release' party. 

On Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday she has live entertainment. 



Dr. James P. Gills

What an honor to talk to such a brilliant doctor, whose thought-provoking books are inspirational. A famous ophthalmologist, Dr. Gills has spent years on seeking answers to the greatest question of all -- why are we here? Reading his books will fill your mind and heart...

Click to purchase...

Click to purchase...

Click to purchase...

Click to purchase...

Dave Chesson - Founder of Kindlepreneur

For all writers who want to understand the mechanics behind the Amazon statistics and to increase their Kindle sales, this interview is a must! Dave's Kindle Sales Calculator is incredible...

The key to increasing your sales is to understand the marketplace...

Michael Bornstein & Debbie Bornstein Holinstat - THE SURVIVOR'S CLUB


A Special Valentine's Day Program with Eunice David...

Her book, His Magic Moments:
There Is Something Always There to Remind Me is available on Amazon.

It was a real JOY to talk to her about their legendary love story and about Hal's amazing and enduring songs.

JOP-IMAGE-Hal and Eunice David.jpg
Click to go to Dave's fabulous website - perfect for indie writers!

Click to go to Dave's fabulous website - perfect for indie writers!

Amor Towles & Nicholas Guy Smith

Amor is absolutely delightful and was happy that I invited Nick to read from A Gentleman in Moscow. It was a JOY to talk to them both. 

JOP-IMAGE-Nicholas Guy Smith.jpg

Debbie Reynolds and my husband, Asher


I wrote a film for Debbie back in 2008. It never got made because of the financial meltdown -- but I was happy to promote her new book Make'em Laugh, co-written with Dorian Hannaway


Barbara Poelle

Fantastic agent with the Irene Goodman Literary Agency, Barbara is a hoot. She has great advice for that dreaded query letter!

She turned Traci Chee's The Reader into an instant NY Time's Best Seller! Wow! 

Rita Moreau - A Feisty Writer

Rita brings to cozy mysteries a sharp intelligence and a delightful ability to capture characters. Her main character, Mary Catherine Mahoney, MC for short, is one you won't forget. 

Feisty Nuns is the third book in a series that blends a bit of psychic abilities with a myriad of plot twists and intelligent observations. A great read!


Lawrence Block - Myster Writer of America Grand Master

It was fun to do a relay marathon interview with Larry and three writers who wrote short stories inspired by Edward Hopper paintings.
Larry got the clever idea for this excellent anthology and picked twelve brilliant writers.

Lawrence Block's webpage

Lawrence Block's webpage

Warren Moore's author page

Warren Moore's author page

Jonathan Santlofer's webpage

Jonathan Santlofer's webpage

Justin Scott's webpage

Justin Scott's webpage

Lis Wiehl - just plain fun...

Enjoyed talking to Lis -- a really nice person!

My Goddaughter - K.D. Price

One of the JOYS of my life, K.D. has a million dollar smile -- and one day she is going to sell a million books! In this interview she talks about her NaNoWriMo & WATTPAD experience.

Go to Brenda's site and jump's fun!

Go to Brenda's site and jump's fun!

Brenda Drake - A Writer's Great Friend...

Visit Brenda Drake's website to find out all about her fantastic Pitch Madness and Pitch Wars. It is a way to connect with agents.


My interview with Douglas Brunt is one of my favorites. He was my third interview.  I was so excited when he personally responded to an email from me inviting him to be on Joy on Paper.  

I made the mistake of putting Doug's Facebook photo up on the computer screen in the studio when I started the interview. I couldn't take my eyes off him! Ahhh, that smile... those sparkly eyes....

It was just so much fun to talk to him. Some people (my husband, my brother and a few others) said that I was gushing like a silly schoolgirl. 

Doug was so generous with his time and so very thoughtful. He over-nighted me a copy of his book, The Means. My first autographed book from a guest! Such a gesture shows that he is a very special person -- classy and charming It is a book that I will always treasure.

IMAGE-Doug Brunt-Dedication to Patzi.jpg

Douglas Brunt - A Favorite of Mine



As a script writer I love when a book makes me want to turn it into a film. As I was reading the book I saw the film in my head...
Unlike the book, my film starts with the main character, Nick Farmer, walking into a second hand record store and browsing through the stacks. Ella Fitzgerald's version of Manhattan plays in the background. Then -- thanks to movie magic -- Ella is least Nick can see her.

If you don't know this incredible version of Rogers & Hart's classic, go now and listen to it. LINK TO SONG.  Such perfection!  

What a film I could make of this book....I like the Nick Farmer character. The name is so perfect. Nick, the sophisticated ideal of  Nick and Nora fame. Then Farmer, which implies innocence and conjures up the image of a good man trying to live a good life. The dichotomy of the names is reflected in the story that  so vividly captures New York City in 2008.




Doug's new book comes out in May. I love the title - Trophy Son. I am looking forward to him coming back on Joy on Paper so that we can learn the story behind the book.



He has great advice for writers : "The first thing I do after I’ve finished reading a novel is to flip back to the beginning and read the author’s first sentence again.

JOP-IMAGE-Ella Fitzgerald.jpg